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Welcome to the VisionCommerce s.r.o. website!

We are your reliable partner in the field of aluminum alloys, prealloys and non-ferrous metal waste trade. We owe our success primarily to a friendly approach, high professionalism and carefully built relationships with our partners. Our journey began more than ten years ago, when we founded a company as a small team of experts in aluminum and its alloys. We believed that we could push the boundaries in the non-ferrous metal business and bring a new dimension to waste recycling It was a journey full of challenges but our determination and vision made us where we are today - Our ideal customers are aluminum alloy manufacturers. We realize how key a role quality raw materials and waste play for efficient and sustainable production. That's why we try to offer our customers not only first-class business services, but also high quality recycled materials.


What sets us apart from others?

Our uniqueness lies in a deep knowledge of the market, a personal approach to each customer and the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to their needs. In addition, we are big supporters of environmental sustainability. We are not only interested in business, but also in caring for our planet.


Why choose us?

Because we are a company that will offer you quality products, fair dealings and a friendly approach. In addition, when you choose us, you support sustainability and recycling - values that are close to us and that are gaining importance these days. We look forward to working with you! VisionCommerce s.r.o. team.


We offer what you need

VisionCommerce s r.o. offers a wide range of products that you need for your production. The target group of customers are aluminum, zinc or magnesium foundries. In the field of purchase and sale of waste, we cooperate with suppliers with whom we have years of experience. Our suppliers are certified manufacturers with proven quality with the possibility of delivery according to standards or with a modified chemical composition. We provide an original metallurgical certificate of the manufacturer for each delivery and we will send a valid quality certificate on request before the delivery of the material. In the field of waste management, we trade: paper, wood and plastics, sawdust and chips of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We work with our suppliers on business and production projects from start to finish. We focus on their needs and visions. We work on a commission basis or on our own account. It depends on the agreement.









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