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Our products


Aluminum alloys

according to EN-standards (see overview of alloys in pdf.) or customer specifications


Aluminum master alloys

AlSi, AlMn, AlCu, AlTi, AlSr in the form of ingot, waffles, wire or rod according to customer requirements


Aluminum and copper scrap

for the production of aluminum and copper alloys and master alloys

  • Aluminum chips and briquettes 226D / 231D and wrought alloys series 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx
  • Shredded aluminum (various qualities and yields)
  • Aluminum scrap
  • Aluminum from incinerators in the form of granules
  • Aluminum granulate
  • Aluminum foils and briquettes (blank, colored with PVC or)
  • Desox in the form of granules or pyramids
  • Aluminum sheets (blank colored, AlMg 1-5, Offset, Al mix.819, Al 99,5%, folk collection)
  • Aluminum profiles (blank, colored, with PVC foam or without admixtures)
  • Different types of copper waste and granules
  • Brass and bronze


Silicon metall

441, 553, 3303


Pure magnesium



Magnesium alloys

AM50, AM60, AZ91


Alloys of zinc (Zamak), brass and bronze


Iron scrap

classes E1, E2, E3


Waste management (see pdf.)

Plastics, wood, paper, glass and other production wastes